I Kissed a 2018 and I Liked It

by mykx

Question: Darf man den Versuch starten die Vergänglichkeit einzufangen? In einer Liste runterschreiben? Answer: Yeah, whatever. Warum also nicht mal ein Lebenszeichen hier. Die besten Alben des Jahres, as I see them.

Deutlich poppiger, als ich bei Einzeltracks unterwegs bin. Deuuuutlich poppiger. Dafür aber auch mit wenig bis kaum Hardtrance. Last Train to Hardtrancentral…

Das Ganze auch auf Spotify, damit die Künstler auch 0,0013 Cent für´s anhören kriegen. Coz Art Kills Music.

You wanted the best and you got the best. In no particular order…

Maribou State – Kingdoms In Colour (Ninja Tune)
Track: Beginner’s Luck

Alva Noto – Unieqav (Noton)
Track: Uni Blue

Chris Liebing – Burn Slow (Mute)
Track: And All Went Dark

Steve Angello – Human (Size Records)
Track: I Know

Ellen Allien – Nost (BPitch Control)
Track: Call Me

Xenia Beliayeva – Riss (Manual Music)
Track: BPD

Fischerspooner – Sir (Ultra Records)
Track: Everything Is Just Alright

Blocks & Escher – Something Blue (Metalheadz)
Track: Your Ghost

Skee Mask – Compro (Ilian Tape)
Track: 50 Euro to Break Boost

Âme – Dream House (Innervisions)
Track: Blind Eye

Rival Consoles – Persona (Erased Tapes)
Track: Dreamer’s Wake

Vanligt Folk – Hambo (Kess Kill)
Track: Grisebassen

GusGus – Lies Are More Flexible (No Paper Records)
Track: Fuel

Bonjay – Lush Life (Mysteries of Trade)
Track: Chelsea

Helena Hauff – Qualm (Ninja Tune)
Track: btdr-revisited

The Soft Moon – Give Something (Sacred Bones Records)
Track: Give Something

Gaika – Hackers & Jackers (Warp)
Track: Basic Volume

HHNOI – Kallocain Detox (Modularfield)
Track: One More Time

Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones – Vicious Circles (Planet Mu)
Track: And You Were One

Marie Davidson – Working Class Woman (Ninja Tune)
Track: So Right

Scratch Massive – Garden of Love (bORDEL Records)
Track: Numero 6

Distel – Wapens (Ant-Zen)
Track: Alpha

Blawan – Wet Will Always Dry (Ternesc)
Track: Kalosi

Orbital – Monsters Exist (ACP Records)
Track: Monsters Exist

Moonbootica – Future (Embassy of Music)
Track: Into Your Soul

Monolink – Amniotic (Embassy One)
Track: Swallow

Microtrauma – Soñar (Einmusika Recordings)
Track: Reise Von Ker

Terence Fixmer – Through The Cortex (Ostgut Ton)
Track: Accelerate

Mark Pritchard – The Four Worlds (Warp)
Track: Come Let Us

Etherwood – In Stillness (Med School Music)
Track: Shining Over Me